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Success Rate of Dog Poop DNA Programs
in Multi-Family Housing Communities

One of the most difficult tasks to manage in the multi-family housing industry is dog poop complaints.

Now with nearly half of all renters owning or looking to own pets, it is nearly impossible to fill units to capacity without accepting pets.

That means, like it or not, those pets are pooping on the property and there will inevitably be some poop left behind to disturb some of the other residents. And that means the inevitable "POOP DRAMA".

While some properties have taken the ultimate step and banned pets altogether, the reality of "Emotional Support Animals" has forced them to take pets in spite of tough policies and once again brought back the poop drama to the management office.

While the idea of DNA testing each dog may seem extreme at first, it is really just a sensible pet waste management program much like issuing parking permits to control parking.

There are few if any legal hurdles since the dogs are considered property and don't have any legal rights, the program it very simple to implement and Mr Dog Poop's DNA program offers no start up cost for most properties.

So why not?

More than 85% of the properties that started using the CRIME LAB® dog poop DNA program reported less than 3 poop piles found on the property in the first year. Nearly 50% of all the properties had no poop at all.

While that still leaves 15% of the properties struggling with the dog poop problem, even those will end up poop free at some point with some careful management to identify the source and remove the problem.

In many cases, the source is from visiting dogs and not from the dogs living on the property.

So when we factor in the visiting dogs, the 85% success rate would be is much higher when we check it just against the dogs that are living at the property. Therefore the impact is much greater than that 85% number reflects, because the program did in fact stop the residents as intended.

In cases where the problem is from dogs visiting residents, property managers need to implement visiting pet policies or prohibit and non registered pets from visiting the property. Posting signs to clearly tell visitors "no dogs allowed" or "all visiting dogs must register at the leasing office".

The point is, there is always a solution, but if you cannot identify where he problem is coming from then it is impossible to stop.

In most cases, just implementing the dog poop DNA program at a community will solve the problem and as we have seen that at more than 85% of the properties. Other properties are a bit more challenging and require more work and effort.

Consider that the 85% where the program works immediately were initially plagued with poop. Not just a pile or two, but they got to a point where the property manager was so desperate for a solution that they stated a DNA program as a last resort.

Now that program has improved property values, made the landscape safer for children, adults and made the community more pet friendly than it was before.

There seems to be a stigma with the term "Pet Friendly" to mean that there are no rules or impositions for pets. But communities are "Resident Friendly" and we still expect everyone to follow the rules. So expecting the residents to follow the rules for their pets is no different than expecting them not to park in another resident's parking spot.

At first, many property managers fear the idea of asking residents to DNA test their dogs, but like everything else, once you get it started, it just becomes normal and part of the leasing process.

There is a reluctance of starting a program that the current residents will object to, however, the only ones objecting are the problem residents. The residents picking up poop want these programs to prove that they are in fact not responsible for the dog poop problem.

So getting these programs started is a whole lot easier than most people think. It is a whole lot cheaper than most people think and it is a whole lot more effective than any other program that anyone could possibly implement.

So over all, starting a dog poop DNA program is not much of a hassle and has little financial impact on the property which is why so many properties across the country are implementing these programs daily.

With Mr Dog Poop's pet waste management program properties are billed each month for any dogs added to the DNA database. That means, there is only a charge if a new resident arrives and has their dog swabbed to be placed on file.

That $35 charge is easily passed on to the new resident in the initial pet fees and paid later when the property is billed for $35.

Unlike other programs, it is not necessary to spend any money up front or attempt to register any dogs other than new move-ins and first time lease renewals.

The program is so simple, affordable and effective that it is amazing anyone would want to deal with continued dog poop complaints and unhappy residents rather than requiring a simple DNA swab of the newly arriving dogs.

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