Why should you use Mr Dog Poop's CRIME LAB instead of a PooPrints program?

  • Mr Dog Poop's prices are cheaper and in many cases, a program with Mr Dog Poop will cost nearly half of what a PooPrints program will cost while providing much more.

  • Mr Dog Poop's distribution model is simplified and makes managing programs over multiple properties easier and less time consuming.

  • Mr Dog Poop's DNA collection kit is better, faster and offers a much lower risk of being cross contaminated, resulting in more reliable dog poop matches.

  • Mr Dog Poop recognizes that todays businesses need technology and management programs and that is why we work with each company to provide custom program tracking, payment and registration interfaces and online management tools at no extra charge.

Pricing Differences

Company / Program Biovet Lab / Poo Prints Mr Dog Poop Inc / CRIME LAB
Set Up Fee Varies between distributors No Set Up Fee
Initial DNA testing Costs $59.95 ($34.95 for 150+ kits) $34.95 regardless of how many kits
Dog poop testing costs $15/kit
$59.95 poop matching
Free Collection Kit
$49.95 poop matching
Up front cost to test 25 dogs and 5 poop samples $2,175.00 $0.00 (fee paid when submitted for processing)
Final cost of 25 dogs and 5 poop samples $2,175.00 $1,125.00

The above data is based on advertised prices by multiple PooPrints distributors as of January 1st 2015

Distribution Model Differences

PooPrints uses middle men that they call distributors. Those distributors control the pricing, supply line, support and basically every aspect of the product, except the actual lab work. By assigning exclusive areas to different distributors upper level management companies are faced with coordinating complex programs over multiple supply lines, different pricing structures with no help from any common management interface.


Mr Dog Poop is the complete opposite, with one central distribution point and detailed online management interfaces for both the individual properties to manage their program and the upper level management company is able to monitor all programs from one central interface. Automated billing and invoicing systems and data analytics allow a complete picture of what is going on over at each of a companies properties.

Processes & Product Differences

PooPrints provides a very inexpensive stock fiber swab and then asks the users to let it air dry for at least 30 minutes. Their process makes DNA sampling difficult, highly vulnerable to cross contamination and very time consuming. Their choice not to include gloves with the collection kits makes it even more likely that samples will be cross contaminated and compromise any possible matches with dog poop samples.


At Mr Dog Poop we build more expensive custom self drying collection tubes so that your samples can never be cross contaminated and samples can be taken anywhere, anytime in just seconds. We also provide gloves with every kit so sampling multiple dogs is never an issue and samples can remain both free of human and other dog's DNA .

Information Technology Differences

"Both companies claim to be able to match DNA using proprietary software technology and provide indisputable proof of DNA matches."

As of June 2015, PooPrints.com runs on a server at a general hosting company where other random customers have access to upload, delete and manage files on the same computer outside the control of PooPrints. While some of their distributors run websites on FREE website hosting if they even have websites at all.

The ecommerce portion of their corporate website's technology consists of "Buy Now" buttons copied and pasted from PayPal.

It is certainly a poor display of technology for a company that claims to have so much of it.


Where as Mr Dog Poop runs our own datacenter, servers and hardware with clusters of computers to store, match and process DNA profiles and customer data. We have developed our own software and back end programming with automated billing, analytics and program tracking.

Mr Dog Poop has a much different understanding of technology and Internet security than PooPrints. We have the ability to build in interoperability between existing systems and provide data exports, reports and interfaces to simplify program management.

Compare PooPrints.com & MrDogPoop.com

It would be difficult for anyone to look at our 2 companies and compare our products side by side and think we that both offer the exact same service.

PooPrints is busy selling and supporting distributorships while Mr Dog Poop is building direct customer relationships and improving our DNA product and management tools.

When all the facts are compared, Mr Dog Poop's CRIME LAB should be a simple choice over a PooPrints program.


We work with each customer to create the perfect solution for their needs. We will need to provide continued updates and services as new residents arrive, online tracking of pets and pet owners as well as all the tools and support you need to run an effective program with the least effort.

Call us today to discuss what you need, and how we can help you get a CRIME LAB program started in your community.

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Dog poop DNA testing $35/dog

Poop And Run DNA Investigations Only $50/incident

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