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About Our Company "Mr Dog Poop Inc"

How We Started

Mr Dog Poop started by cleaning up dog poop in residential yards early in 2014 and officially became a Florida Corporation on January 1st of 2015. During that time we worked hard doing research and development to perfect our DNA processes, online database and management software. This was all supported by The Cyber Web Inc an ISP and IT company providing commercial data solutions since 1997.

As an IT company operating nearly since the start of the internet, we were looking for an opportunity to expand out of the virtual world and get involved in something with more of a real world presence. Owning hundreds of virtual properties is great, but we wanted something more hands on, more blue collor like picking up dog poop.

Of course dog poop was not the first idea we thought of, or the second or even the third, but as we explored our options, dog poop actually made more and more sense. The fact that nobody likes dog poop made it hard to ignore. But how much would people be willing to pay to get rid of it? And could it become a viable corporate business?

Without really knowing what dog poop would bring, we set out to apply our advanced level of software development to build a corporate based dog poop service with GPS tracked vehicles, automated route planning, employee management, real time customer management interfaces, automated billing and free product delivery.

We elevated the employees with testing certifications, uniforms, company trucks, custom built disinfectant systems and tools that only a corporate entity could provide at a price nearly half what the local mom and pop pooper scoopers were charging.

It seemed like a great idea and one that was totally doable.

As we explored the world of dog poop, one issue came up over and over again and again. Too many people are just unwilling to clean up after their dogs and millions of apartment complexes across the country were struggling with complaints, lost income, lost productivity and daily headaches related to dog poop.

We saw entire countries that had solved the dog poop dilemma by using DNA registrations and matching dog poop with the dogs that pooped it.

So why couldn't we do that?

Loaded with our next big idea we set out to build a DNA research lab to test dog poop. Which as we came to find out, was no small feat.

Starting The DNA Lab

After ordering a couple gently used DNA analyzers on EBAY and doing exactly what we saw them do on the TV show CSI, we realized we had no idea what we were doing. Actually, no idea whatsoever! You should have seen us trying to figure this out, it was like a funny episode of "I Love Lucy". Except none of us were really laughing after spending tens of thousands of dollars on useless out dated DNA equipment.

Once we came to our senses, we hired experts with masters degrees and PHD's to help us develop a working product. Of course, then we purchased the proper equipment and built a state of the art DNA lab in Tampa Florida.

Leaning to Hate Dog Poop

In the year we spent developing the product and processes we learned so much about dog poop and its detrimental impact on people and the environment that we became more and more angry that dog owners were just leaving their poop for the rest of us to deal with.

Dog poop is a huge environmental issue plaguing our country.

While the millennials are out shopping for organic foods, looking at sustainable energy and driving electric cars, they don't seem to be concerned about picking up their dog's poop and how it is destroying the environment.

They are not concerned that dog poop can actually kill people and accounts for 10% of the blindness in children. That children are at extremely high risk of infection or even death just by playing on soil that a dog pooped on as long as a year or two ago. Or that dog poop run off from heir yard is killing wildlife, manatees, dolphins, contaminating food supplies and making water unsafe to drink.

The list of problems caused by dog poop is endless and nobody seems to care when we tell them the facts, so we are making it our mission to make sure everyone picks up after their pets whether they want to or not.

As we observed neighbors fighting over dog poop, people literally murdering each other over dog poop and the world going to shit over dog poop.

There has never been a topic so frustrating for people with no real solutions.

We wanted to be the company that solves the dog poop world crisis.

And we wanted to do it using DNA science and advanced computer technology.

By eliminating the discarded pet waste we would clean the environment, prevent domestic arguments, prevent dog poop murders, dog poop violence and protect the general health of all Americans.

Best of all, we figured we could do all that while making a few bucks and building a really cool company.

Come on, think of how much fun can we have with a company named "Mr Dog Poop Incorporated"?

Using our vast IT resources and software development team we started building a cloud based system to take DNA data and match it against millions of dog profiles to identify matches much like the FBI's CODIS database.

Saving Dogs Lives

As we further explored DNA and its practicality we realized the world has an even bigger problem than dog poop.

Over one million dogs are murdered every year in shelters just because they cannot find the owners and return the dogs home.

That is 1 of every 80 dogs being euthanized every year. It is unacceptable and completely unnecessary when the technology exists to identify the dogs and save every last one of them.

We wanted to re purpose the hilarious dog poop DNA to solve the dog euthanization problem and return lost dogs back to their owners.

So we created the DOGdex ID program and then engineered a plan that would allow municipalities to offer this program to save dogs lives at no cost.

We realized we could solve many issues, save dogs lives and make the world a safer place to live just by eliminating the dog poop.

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a dog poop free world, one where every dog and person was happy and never had to worry about parasites, zoonotic diseases or being lost and euthanized executed?

And wouldn't if be great if Mr Dog Poop was the company that brought that ideal world to America?

Yup, that is what we thought and that is why we started Mr Dog Poop Inc.

We are on a mission to save the world

So please pick up your dog's poop and help us save the world, or don't be surprised when you get a knock on the door with a big fat fine for not picking it up. Yes, we have reinvented the POOP POLICE!

Mr Dog Poop Today

We now ship kits to apartment complexes, home owners associations and property management companies across the United States so they can run an effective animal waste cleanup enforcement program.

We process DNA samples and match the poop with who didn't scoop. Spreading the word about dog poop dangers and solutions.

So eventually nobody will be able to poop and run without being caught. Every pile of dog poop in America will be properly disposed of and our environment will be safe, at least from dog poop.

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