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About Our Company "Mr Dog Poop Inc"

How And Why We Started Mr Dog Poop

in 2014 Mark Guarino started Mr Dog Poop as an expansion of his then existing ISP and software development company operating since 1997, creating virtual businesses and cloud based services. While quite successful, Mark's extensive blue collar background in manufacturing and logistics left him unsatisfied in this new virtual world.

So, he started picking up dog poop in local yards believing that dog poop was the real future of his company. He literally went out with a bucket and rake and started picking up dog poop for a few dollars a day.

You have to either be an amazing visionary or just have a screw loose to think that dog poop can transform a multimillion dollar software company and Internet Service Provider into something bigger. But bigger was exactly what Mark had in mind and while he was out picking up poop to learn the ropes, he tasked his team to begin working on what is now our Crime Lab® Database and Dog Poop DNA program.

For Mark, this made perfect sense. His IT people would develop and build a massive online database, the software to match DNA, manage customers, inventory, billing and all other aspects of running an enterprise level business and packag it up into one simple portal at

What else did he need? After all, the DNA part was going to be simple. We have all seen how DNA works on every TV crime drama. Just take a swab of the dog's mouth, stick it into a machine and push the button for an instant match. All you need is the machine.

So Mark ordered a couple gently used DNA analyzers on EBAY, plugged them in and told us to figure out how to use them. Simple, right? They came with about a hundred manuals, piles of software and spare parts. Learning how to operate then should be a snap for a bunch of software engineers.

After a few weeks, we realized nobody really had the first clue about what we were doing. Actually, no idea whatsoever! You should have seen us trying to figure this out, it was like a funny episode of "I Love Lucy". Except none of us were really laughing after spending tens of thousands of dollars on useless out dated DNA testing equipment.

What the hell are oligos nucleatide primers, polymeric chain reaction and capillary electrophoresis? That is what the instruction manuals are referring to, but we are used to bits and bytes and more sensible things like programming language, were we in over our heads?

Yes, we were in way over our heads.

Once we came to our senses and Mark stopped pulling his hair out, we did hire actual experts with masters degrees and PHD's in micro biology and genetics to help us develop the DNA testing process.

Of course, when those experts saw our makeshift lab and outdated equipment, they could not stop laughing. I mean really laughing!

I will never forget the day they began tossing all of our hard work and equipment into trash cans. Then they gave us an entirely new shopping list so we could begin building a real DNA lab. Oh great! Let's go ask Mark for more money! And tell him we just threw out all of his machines.

I would love to tell you that from there it got easier, but micro biologists and computer programmers speak very different languages and trying to explain a non-binary biology theorem to a computer programmer is like trying to teach a two year old to use the toilet. They just don't get it.

So setting up the initial working product was not only expensive, it took a lot of time and patience. But eventually, we did it. We created a viable test for dog poop and the database to match it.

Now all we needed to do was to convince people how much they needed our product.

But as we approached the multi-family housing industry professionals with our new service, we were met with total disbelief. "You do what?" and "Why would I want to pay for that?" were the most common responses.

It seems in Mark's zeal to create the product he may have overlooked the fact that not everyone would think this was such a great idea. In fact, most people thought is was a joke. But it was not April fools day for Mark who had leveraged his entire company and millions of dollars in dog poop speculation. The stakes were very real as Mark bet the entire company on a dog poop long shot.

Eventually, a few property managers became desperate enough to give it a try. And once it began stopping the dog poop problems at those few properties everyone else was eager to join the revolution.

Today, Mr Dog Poop services properties in 48 states and continues to grow daily. We have built a massive distribution system to handle the high volume across the country as well as updating our lab and manufacturing at a new facility that we purchased in 2018.

The new facility has over 8000 sqft of working space with plans to add an additional 10,000 sqft for future growth. That is not half bad for a dog poop idea that most people believed was a joke.

How We Learned to really Hate Dog Poop

In the year we spent developing the platform and processes we learned so much, too much in fact about dog poop and its detrimental impact on people and the environment. We slowly became more and more angry that dog owners were just leaving their dog's poop for the rest of us to deal with.

Dog poop is a huge environmental issue plaguing our country.

With the pet population now representing 25% of our total population or one dog for every 3 humans in the United States poop is quickly becoming an unmanageable epidemic. Imagine if 100 million people started pooping on their front lawns, what would be the environmental impact? That is exactly what is happening with dog poop.

While millennials are out shopping for organic foods, looking at sustainable energy and driving electric cars, they don't seem to be concerned about picking up their dog's poop and how it is destroying the same environment that they are trying to save.

They are not concerned that dog poop can actually kill people and accounts for 10% of the blindness in children. That children are at extremely high risk of infection or even death just by playing on soil that a dog pooped on as long as a year or two ago. Or that dog poop run off from heir yard is killing wildlife, manatees, dolphins, contaminating food supplies and making ground water unsafe to drink.

The list of problems caused by dog poop is endless and nobody seems to care when we tell them the facts, so we are making it our mission to make sure everyone picks up after their pets whether they want to or not.

We observed neighbors fighting over dog poop, people literally murdering each other over dog poop and the world going to shit over dog poop.

There has never been a topic so frustrating for people with no real solutions.

We wanted to be the company that solves the dog poop world crisis and we wanted to do it using DNA science and advanced computing technology.

By eliminating the discarded pet waste we would clean the environment, prevent domestic arguments, prevent dog poop murders, dog poop violence and protect the general health of all Americans.

It is a lofty goal, but one we will reach starting with one pile of dog poop at a time.

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