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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Poop DNA Testing Answers to some of the most common questions property managers are asking about dog poop DNA testing, costs and service considerations.

Crime Lab Database The Crime Lab Database provides an inexpensive solution for apartment complexes, condo associations and others to enforce their pooper scooper rules by determining which dog left the poop based on DNA matches.

Dog Poop DNA Testing Kits Shop online for dog DNA testing products. Mr Dog Poop is the largest manufacturer and distributor of dog poop DNA testing products.

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DNA Collection Training Videos Videos and resources to guide property managers and program users through all the processes from planning the program to swabbing dogs to collecting dog poop and fining guilty residents.

Dog Poop DNA Help Help pages to assist with dog poop DNA collections and more detailed written pages to help everyone understand more than what our basic training videos provide.

CRIME LAB® & Mr Dog Poop's DNA Services are Available in All of the Continental 48 States!

Covid-19 Update: Mr Dog Poop is still operating although with a skeleton staff to maintain social distancing. As long as the US Post Office is open and delivering poop to our door, we will stay open.

With most of the human testing labs working on Covid-19 testing, there is a severe lack of lab supplies across the country. We have been shipping our own lab supplies to organizations and communities in need of surgical masks, gloves, testing reagents and lab consumables. However, we still have adequate supplies to service our own customers since most communities have closed their leasing offices. There are currently no delays in testing or onboarding new customers.

Employment with Mr Dog Poop Inc

Mr Dog Poop is a fast growing biotech startup with unique opportunities for its employees. We offer a fun and diverse work place where everyone is part of one team working to advance the company and drive the direction of our products, services and research. We concentrate on getting good people and then building jobs around their strongest skills so that everyone is successful. Getting a position on our team is much more than just getting a job.


Hiring Status Position / Title Salary / Hourly Description
Currently Hiring
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Lab Tech $12-$15/hour Lab Techs are responsible for processing DNA samples, logging samples into the database, extracting DNA, running PCR, cleaning tools and general lab maintenance. Requires strong pipetting skills, strong understanding of DNA extractions, operation of centrifuges and general lab practices.

Prerequisites: Some education or work experience with DNA and relevant lab work. High attention to detail and ability to handle thousands of samples without mistakes. Strong computer skills and data entry.
Not Open
Position Filled
Senior Lab Tech $17-$25/hour The senior lab tech is responsible for managing all lab operations, keeping the lab techs working and overseeing the flow of samples from properties.

Prerequisites: Bachelors Degree in Bilology or micro biology and at least 2 years of lab experience working with DNA. Management experience a plus.
Currently Hiring
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Assembly Tech $10-$12/hour Assembly techs are responsible for building our unique DNA collection kits which are distributed nationally. This is a production job requiring minimum volumes of kits being produced during work hours. Tasks include working under sterile hoods joining tubes with swabs, adding the drying packs, filling tubes with liquid, installing gaskets, folding boxes and packing materials into plastic bags.

Assembly is not a strenuous job, it is mostly repetitive work done sitting. However, it does require some level of dexterity in hands and fingers and the ability to do the same task over and over for an entire shift. There are no prerequisites for this position, however candidates with previous experience working in a lab or other clean sterile environment will have preference. Job allows for extremely flexible hours full or part time
Not Open
Position Filled
Building Maintenance $8-$15/hour The property maintenance staff is responsible for keeping the facility running smoothly and looking good. Tasks include everything from replacing light bulbs, painting, installing network cables, repair of equipment and machinery and maintaining the mechanical operations of the facility. Additionally maintaining the exterior of the facility, lawn mowing and grounds maintenance and general upkeep. We need someone that can repair a centrifuge and is not afraid of unclogging a toilet.

Prerequisites: A strong understanding of mechanical and electrical operations, general maintenance, drywall repair, painting, grounds maintenance, plumbing etc.
Not Open
Position Filled
Webmaster $10-$20/hour Webmaster position is responsible for maintaining the company's websites, updating content and helping to build a stronger web presence for Mr Dog Poop. This includes developing new content, videos, help pages and maintaining social media accounts.

Prerequisites: Understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and a strong understanding of HTML, CSS and building web pages.


While Mr dog Poop may only be hiring for particular positions, we always accept applications for employment for every position. As our company grows, we are always looking for outstanding people to become part of our team. The key being "OUTSTANDING".

To grow our company into a Fortune 500 company, we need the best of the best, people that stand far above others, not just with a great resume, but truly having the drive and character to excel beyond and that can make things happen.

So if you are one of those special people, we encourage you to submit an application and tell us about yourself, because there just may be a project waiting around the corner that needs your skill set.

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