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Mr Dog Poop Inc DNA Dog Poop Testing Refund Policy

Please understand that in order to service tens of thousands of communities spanning 48 states and process countless thousands of DNA samples weekly, we must have strict protocols in place to manage the extremely high volume of samples and payments arriving daily. Our lab techs cannot know every single community or know that a dog in one of those communities has already been swabbed one time or that any dog has been swabbed properly. We have no control over how many kits a customer orders or how samples are collected within each community. Mr Dog Poop is simply a virtual DNA Lab for each community and relies on the samples collected by and the information provided by each community.

While we will make every effort to resolve community mistakes we must maintain a strict policy on refunds and returns due to the forensic nature of our business and our reliance on representations made by each community.

Refunds On Over Payments

If a customers over pays or pays more than once for the same invoice, a credit will be issued to the customers account against any pending charges. This only occurs with check payments because credit card payments cannot be made on an invoice that has already been paid.

All Mr Dog Poop invoices are numbered and are only issued one time a month.

Checks are deposited automatically as they arrive and not validated against the paid invoices until being entered into our accounting system at which point the system recognizes if it is an over payment and will automatically credit the additional funds to the customers account against future charges.

If a customer would like a refund, a refund for over payment option will appear on the pending charges page in the customer's program management section under "Billing". Credits will be issued by check and mailed within 7 days of the request. The credited funds will be removed from the account and noted as "Refunded By Check".

Refunds On Services

Charges for services performed on samples submitted to our DNA lab for processing are non-refundable.

Our lab techs are processing thousands of samples and must rely on strict protocols. Samples submitted for processing are entered into our database and processed based on the information cards attached to each sample. If customers provide the wrong information, the sample will be processed and charged as directed by customer. There will be no refunds for any samples processed due to customer error because the work has already be done by no fault of the DNA lab.

No service is provided without customer consent. No charges are made other than for samples sent to the lab for processing and customer has agreed to pay for those samples.

Lab results rely on the customers ability to properly collect DNA from dogs and dog poop samples. A lack of DNA in in sample provided is not the fault of the DNA lab. It is impossible to know if any sample contains an adequate amount of DNA until the samples is processed by the lab, therefore it is not possible to provide refunds for work that has already been completed despite unsatisfactory results.

Mr Dog Poop does provide free retesting on unsuccessful swabs as long as the customer maintains less than an overall 10% fail rate on swabs and the retest samples are submitted to the DNA lab with the correct information card. The lab must be aware that the sample is a retest or the samples will be processed as new dog registrations and charged the standard rates.

Retest samples go through a different set of lab protocols and are entered into the database as already charged. There are no refunds or credits for samples that have already been processed by no fault of the DNA lab.

Refunds on Testing Kits

Mr Dog Poop is a forensic testing lab. All kits are manufactured under strict protocols to insure the integrity of kits and the samples collected.

Kits and other testing supplies cannot be returned for refunds because the integrity of those kits cannot be validated other than by running DNA tests on the kits which would then destroy the kits. No customer would expect to order DNA testing kits and receive kits that were in the possession of an outside source where contamination could have occurred. Therefore it is impossible to reuse kits or provide refunds on any testing materials.

Refunds To Credit Cards

All refunds made on credit or debit cards will be refunded back to the credit card used to make the purchase. No cash refunds or exchanges will be made for other products or services. No refunds to alternate cards, PayPal or bank accounts unless those forms of payment where used in the original sale.

No checks will be issued for refunds on credit card payments.

Refund Requests

All requests for refunds must be made through Mr Dog Poop's internal messaging system. No refunds will be issued based on email or phone requests. The internal messaging system keeps a legal record of all transactions and requests and actions taken to make those refunds for the benefit of both our customers and Mr Dog Poop.

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