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Crime Lab Database The Crime Lab Database provides an inexpensive solution for apartment complexes, condo associations and others to enforce their pooper scooper rules by determining which dog left the poop based on DNA matches.

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Estimate The Cost of Dog Poop DNA Program

If you need a formal price estimate to present to management for consideration or approval, complete this form to either view as a webpage or download a more formal PDF. This will also help you estimate the number kits you might need.

If you want the estimate to be personalized to your company, make sure you include the property details. This is required to download the PDF file which cannot be generated without all details.

If you would like more information about our company and DNA program, you can request one of our media kits with a comprehensive set of printed materials and kit samples. Media kits are sent UPS or US Mail and usually arrive within 3 days.

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Answer the questions below so we can estimate your up front and monthly costs.

How many dogs are currently living at the property?
Will you be swabbing all dogs at one time (not recomended) or gradualy swab them as each resident's lease is renewed? All dogs at one time (not recomended)
New Move ins and lease renewals
How many new lease ups with dogs do you have monthly?
Would you like results in a simple web page or more formal downloadable PDF? Webpage

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