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Mr Dog Poop's Frequently Asked Questions

Mr Dog Poop's DNA program is the most trusted and cost effective program for ending dog poop in multi-family communities. In 2021 we decided to go full e-commerce, meaning properties can sign up online for accounts and get started immediately and manage their own programs via our web portal.

All programs are now 100% under the control of each community. Mr Dog Poop serves solely as each property's Virtual DNA Lab, processing the samples collected by and sent in by each community. The Virtual DNA Lab posts lab results on our website / web portal giving communities all the information they need to run their program and enforce their own policies and fines.

This new e-commerce model takes Dog Poop DNA testing to a whole new level. It is now as easy to run a DNA program as it is to order a toaster oven on No contracts, no hassles, no more poop!

Q. Has COVID-19 impacted your business? Will that impact future pricing and service?
A. The COVID Pandemic has been stressful for everyone. Our business has been particularly hard hit because are are competing for the same lab supplies as covid testing labs and hospitals. Costs have gone up as much as 500% and getting supplies that once were available overnight, can now take months. Some of our suppliers have closed and social distancing requirements make staffing our facility extremely difficult.

In spite of all that, we have embraced the opportunity to facilitate remote work and support our customers working remotely. By bringing more automation to our service and going to a full virtual product. As a result, our business has actually grown substantially in 2020 despite covid. With growth and automation we have been able to decrease production and administration costs and maintain the same pricing for customers in spite of supply line issues and cost increases.

Q. What will a dog poop testing program cost?
A. Our costs are absolutely as advertised, you will pay $34.95 for each dog registered and $79.95 for each poop sample processed including the collection kit costs.
There is NO cost for any account set up, No extra service fees and no hidden charges. Communities will purchase testing kits to keep on hand at their location, $4.95 for swabbing kits and $39.95 for poop collection kits. When those kits are mailed to the lab for processing, swabs will be processed at $30 each and poop at $40 each sample. Lab processing fees will be billed at the end of each month and payable within 30 days of invoicing or paid automatically by credit card. It is that simple.

If you would like a written quote with itemized pricing, you can use our price estimating tool or request our FREE information package with more details about our program, our company, the instruction sheets and sample swabs so you get a hands on overview of our program and products.

Q. Is a long term contract required for service?
A. No. There is no contract required to use Mr Dog Poop's DNA Lab. We only require a signed service agreement for properties that need to be billed on a monthly basis for each months samples. Since that is a business credit account, we do require an authorized signature on an agreement establishing prices and and agreemnet that they will pay for services.

Any customers using a credit card with our automatic payment option are not required to sign any documents because payments are collected automatically when services are delivered and no billing is required.

Q. Can anyone cancel at anytime?
A. Yes, there a cancelation option in the account. Anyone can cancel service at anytime for any reason by selecting that option and confirming the cancelation. Accounts are canceled immediately just as easily as they were set up, as long as all charges are paid prior to closing the account.

Q. Why is Mr Dog Poop's program so much cheaper than its smaller competitor?
A. In one word, "efficiency". How is Amazon able to sell cheaper and deliver to your door the same day? By implementing amazing logistics and having streamlined processes to manage high volumes.

Being bigger lets us pay less for supplies, deploy automation and techniques that are just not available at lower volumes. We also own our own facilities, manage our own IT infrastructure, write our own software, manufacture our own kits and distribute all of our supplies from one location completely cutting out any "Distributors or Franchisees" and allowing us to charge less for services and still make a reasonable profit.

Our e-commerce model lets us manage virtually unlimited customers across the USA by using more technology and minimizing staff involvement and the normal slow downs caused by manual account approvals, lab match notifications and customer support.

Today, people are buying cars from virtual dealers, ordering food from virtual menus, ordering groceries from their phones and people expect the same level of service and ease of use from their dog poop testing company.

Q. Is this program really going to end the dog poop left in our community?
A. The program does work. 85% of our customers reporting 3 or less poops found on the property after their first year. But results are heavily dependent on the community staff enforcing it, collecting quality samples and making residents aware that the program is being used. It is a tool and just like any tool, if used correctly, will get the job done.

In all honestly, it is almost always successful but at some properties it is a complete failure even though we provide the exact same services to every community. A poorly run program will not stop the poop and will further frustrate the staff as they try to run an enforcement program on top of the still existing dog poop problem.

Q. What are some of the challenges that would prevent the program from being successful?
A. Communities often have high staff turnover and little time to train new employees. Newly arriving dogs are often not swabbed or swabbed incorrectly, poop that is collected improperly and many residents are not even aware the program is being used. These factors as well as other typically result in continued poop on the property with no matches and leaving the staff scrambling to find out what they did wrong.

Employees almost never read the instruction sheets which is a constant problem in getting good swabs and poop samples. Properly training employees takes more than 2 minutes and is always a challange.

It is very important to have the program as a documented part of the move in and lease renewal process so that no resident is overlooked as well as providing constant reminders to dog owners that the program is being used to enforce dog poop cleanups.

To get matches, poop collectors must be properly trained and have the ability to decide if a sample should or should not be collected. Not all poop will have viable DNA to get a match and sending in bad samples will drive up costs with no matches.

In other words, the success of the program is really up to each community based on how they manage it.

Q. Do people start picking up poop after being caught or do they just keep getting fined?
A. Because of the time it takes to find samples, mail them and process them in the lab, typically a couple weeks, people will often get several fines and sometimes have more in the mail when they get the first fines. So not picking up can result in quite a spanking. It is not uncommon to see 7-10 samples from the same dog over a couple weeks. At an average of $200 per fine, that usually gets the message across.

And it gets worse for owners of multiple dogs when 2 or 3 dogs are caught at the same time.

If dog owners are aware how severe the fines can be, they wont walk away from $200 sitting on the ground. Most people will do almost anything to save $200, not to mention $200 several times a week.

Q. Can we get a discount if we have more dogs?
A. We already offer the lowest possible price per dog to everyone. Our pricing is based on all the samples we process which is good for you, because you can send in one swab and still pay the same price as when you sent in 100 swabs.

Companies that offer discounts for high volume forget to tell you that as new dogs move in, you will need to pay a higher price to send in one swab than you originally paid for the initial 100 dogs.

Our pricing has been the same for everyone since we started in 2014 despite significant increases in our costs. We can offer uniform pricing because of the extremely high volume of samples we process daily.

Q. How much do we pay to reorder more kits and supplies? Is there a minimum purchase?
A. Our customers can reorder as much inventory as they reasonably need to run the program via our web interface. Kit prices are listed on our prices page, $4.95 for swabbing kits and $39.95 for poop collection kits.

We understand that properties don't have huge budgets to purchase bulk supplies in advance and sometimes won't have a new dog moving in for several months. So there are no minimum orders, if you want 3 swab kits at $4.95 each, that is what we will ship to you.

Q. Can we return unused DNA collection kits for a refund?
A. NO. Our kits are used for forensic testing and once they leave our facility, we can no longer guarantee that they have not been comprimised, contaminated or altered in some way. It only takes one person reaching into a box of new supplies after swabbing a dog to contaminate kit packaging. Consequently, kits cannot be returned for refunds. If you don't plan on using it, please do not order it.

Q. How long will it take to get a program started, get supplies etc?
A. We are ready to start your program TODAY! We keep huge inventories of
DNA testing kits and supplies in stock. Kits can be shipped the same day or by the next day, but standard shipping typically takes1-7 days for delivery depending on your location. The time it takes to get started will really be dependent on your ability to get the program started in your community.

Q. Do we have to swab all the dogs at one time?
A. NO. In order to match poop with all dogs, we do need swabs from every dog. But we offer
gradual integration so you can swab just the new dogs arriving and those on existing leases when they are renewed. So the program is run by only swabbing a few dogs a month making our program extremely easy to get started.

Q. What is the frequency of unmatched poop samples? And how do properties properties control those costs?
A. The number of unmatched samples depends on the property. Are there a high number of unregistered dogs? Are your employees collecting the samples properly and avoiding samples that will not likely have any DNA?

Some properties are very careful and get 100% match ratios, others get 0% and continue to send in one unusable sample after another with no effort to improve it. The frequency of no matches is completely controllable and every property should have no problem getting a high match ratio.

To cover the processing costs, a $150 fine covers the cost of the matched sample and 2 unmatched samples. Meaning 66% of the samples can be useless and you still cover your costs. With a $250 fine, you can cover costs even if only 1 in 5 poops is matched. Because of our low price for processing and matching, any property can run the program even with 80% not matching and the fines should still cover all processing costs.

There is no reason a property would have a high number of no matches unless they have high traffic from unregistered dogs and at that point they need to eliminate that problem before any DNA poop matching program will be effective.

Q. Why would a sample not be matched to a dog in the community?
A. There are many possible reasons a sample cannot be matched. Sometimes the sample came from a dog outside the community or it may not be dog poop at all. Often possum, raccoon or even cat poop is sent in thinking it was dog poop and of course, we don't have genetic profiles of the raccoon in your neighborhood. More commonly, it is a result of a poor collection process or if the sample was just too old.

Q. How will we know when there is a Dog Poop DNA Match?
A. We email each property manager or point of contact whenever a match is found. Those matches are also posted online in the customer management interface where a
Certificate of Analysis showing the results of the dog poop sample tests compared with the original dog swab can be downloaded and presented to the guilty resident.

We try to maintain a close relationship with all of our contacts at each property as these programs are implemented so everyone understands what to do, how to do it and how to get the best results, so don't worry about being notified, we will notify you and contact as frequently as necessary to get your program on the right track.

Q. Can you test dog urine?
A. Unfortunately, NO. There is not typically any DNA in urine in healthy dogs so it is not possible.

Q. Are the matches accurate? Do you have false positives or accuse the wrong dogs?
A. The matches are extremely accurate. We are using the same genotyping process that the FBI uses to match humans except the FBI uses 14 markers and we use 23 markers, allowing us an even more accurate match.

The only problem with matching dog poop with dogs is that the DNA in the poop is usually degraded by the bacteria and enzymes in the poop. So we will not normally have a complete profile of all 23 genetic markers and in some cases we will not be able to positively identify a dog. But the data is always accurate, so if enough markers are available then matches are made. The more markers we have the higher the probability of a match. If we do not have enough markers to get an absolute match then we consider that a NO MATCH rather than saying it could possibly be one of the dogs on a property.

For a more detailed explanation read: "Understanding The Accuracy of Dog Poop DNA Testing".

Q. Are you licensed and or insured?
A. Yes. We are a Florida corporation licensed in the city Tampa located in Hillsborough Country. We have a $2 million general liability, $1 million excess liability, $500,000 auto liability on each of our vehicles and $500,000 workers compensation. We provide real time access to all documents in each customers account, so there is never any question about the status of our insurance policies or business licenses.

Q. Do you actually test the dog poop DNA or send the samples out to another lab?
A. We do the testing, we do the matching at our facility. We have posted some video clips
demonstrations in our DNA lab and how parts of the process work. We are not distributors or resellers, we created the process, we build the collection kits, we process the samples and even wrote the software to match the DNA profiles.

Q. Can anyone visit and take a tour of Mr Dog Poop's DNA lab if they are in Tampa?
A. Sorry, we don't give tours. Our lab is a secure forensics testing lab and as such we do not allow anyone access into the lab. We have strict protocols in place to avoid contamination and secure our customer's samples. It would be irresponsible of us to allow anyone into our testing space.

If any company is offering tours of their lab, it would be hard to make the claim that they have a secure lab.

Q. Will you provide references from the properties you service?
A. It is just not realistic at our size and volume to expect any of our customers to answer endless calls a month to convince anyone how amazing our product works. That would be disrespectful and selfish of us to even ask. Further, most of the management companies we service have prohibited us from doing so because it disrupts their operations and cost them money.

Out of respect for all of our customers our terms of service agreement prohibits us from disclosing any information about our clients for those reasons as well as our obligation to protect their operational procedures, resident data and financial information.

We also work with government institutions, universities, publicly traded companies and are subject to FERPA, FTC regulations and contracts that often take months to negotiate. So our disclosure policy is very strict. We don't disclose or discuss any of our customers or their operations.

Q. Do you have your own database?
A. Mr Dog Poop created the "
Crime Lab® Database", which uses proprietary database technology as well as being registered trademark of Mr Dog Poop Inc. Our database was developed by us, for us and hosted in our own private data center with the highest levels of security. Mr Dog Poop was created by an IT company and ISP with decades of experience and resources. So we had a huge technology advantage over our competitors and the ability to develop the most extensive portal and database possible.

Our Information Technology Platform is more than just a simple database, it runs our company from top to bottom. From inventory management, to customer management to DNA matching and even our monthly billing. It is the heart of our company and the reason we can service so many communities across the country.

Q. How do we know you will be in business next year? Do you have a long term corporate plan?
A. We do have a corporate structure with long term financial and strategic planning. In 2018 we purchased our own facility with over 8,000 sqft of working space giving us room to grow and are currently planning a 10,000 sqft expansion to give us the additional space we will need well into the future.

We built an extremely successful company starting with a rake and a bucket picking up dog poop in backyards in 2014. Today, we have a dedicated facility processing endless DNA samples in our own lab and shipping our DNA testing kits across the country. We have created a national brand and continue to grow because of our very careful strategic planning.

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