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Mr Dog Poop's Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will a dog poop testing program cost?
A. Our costs are absolutely as advertised, $34.95/dog registered and $49.95 for each matched poop sample and only $34.95 if the sample does not match a registered dog. There are NO costs for kits, NO costs for set up, No extra service fees, provided the property will register 25 or more dogs over the first year. Minimal set up fees of $100 or less for properties with less than 25 total dogs.

Q. Can we get a discount if we have more dogs?
A. NO. We already offer the lowest possible price per dog and larger communities with 100+ dogs typically require much more support, have larger staff turnovers and usually need much more personal attention and employee training than smaller properties. They also often have complex compliance monitoring programs requiring frequent administrative updates, some use alternate billing processes and need custom management programming. So rather than giving a discount for having more dogs and charging later for every added service or administrative fee, we keep the cost exactly the same for everyone so it is simple and clear how much every customer will have to pay for our service.

Q. How long will it take to get a program started, get supplies etc?
A. We are ready to start your program TODAY! We keep huge inventories of
DNA testing kits and supplies in stock as we automatically ship restocking supplies to customers as they are used up. Kits can be shipped the next day, but standard shipping typically takes1-7 days for delivery depending on your location. The time it takes to get started will really be dependent on your ability to get the program started in your community.

Q. Do we have to swab all the dogs at one time?
A. YES or NO. In order to match poop with all dogs, we need swabs from every dog. But we offer
gradual integration so you can swab just the new dogs arriving. Then when existing leases are renewed residents will need to have their dogs swabbed. So the program can be run both by swabbing all dogs at one time or doing it gradually over a year or more. Both methods are equally effective.

Q. Why are there charges for dog poop that cannot be matched? We cannot fine anyone for those.
A. It is always our goal to keep costs as low as possible for each community. However, it is impossible for Mr Dog Poop to provide kits and process unlimited samples at no charge. So we have set a fee of just $34.95 for samples that cannot be matched (a fee just below our actual cost) and $9.95 for samples that cannot be processed. Samples that are matched will be billed at $49.95 when residents can be fined and that will help us make up lost costs on the discounted no matches. We essentially run the poop process at our cost, because we make all of our money stopping the poop, not by testing it.

This pricing structure incentivizes community managers to send in quality samples that have a high probability of matching a residents dog without being severely impacted by costs of any unmatched samples. It also incentivizes communities to locate the unregistered pooping dogs to recover those costs. Programs always run better when people are motivated. We tried a no cost for no matches policy did not motivate anyone and without their complete cooperation it also became an unreasonable cost burden for our company.

Q. What is the frequency of unmatched charges? And how do properties properties control those costs?
A. The number of unmatched charges depends on the property. Are there a high number of unregistered dogs? Are your employees collecting the samples properly and avoiding samples that will not likely have any DNA?

Some properties are very careful and get 100% match ratios, others get 0% and continue to send in one unusable sample after another with no effort to improve it. The frequency of no matches is completely controllable and every property should have no problem getting a high match ratio.

To cover the processing costs, a $100 fine covers the cost of the matched sample and 2 unmatched samples. Meaning 66% of the samples can be useless and you still cover your costs. With a $200 fine, you can cover costs even if only 1 in 7 poops is matched. Because of our 1/2 price for unmatched and low match costs any property can run the program even at 85% no match and the fines can still cover all processing costs.

There is no reason a property would have a high number of no matches unless they have high traffic from unregistered dogs and at that point they need to eliminate that problem before any DNA poop matching program will be effective.

Q. Why would a sample not be matched to a dog?
A. There are many possible reasons a sample cannot be matched. Usually it is a result of the collection process or if the sample was just too old. But sometimes the sample came from a dog outside the community or it may not be dog poop at all. Often possum, raccoon or even cat poop is sent in thinking it was dog poop and of course, we don't have genetic profiles of the raccoons in your neighborhood.

Q. How will we know when there is a Dog Poop DNA Match?
A. We email each property manager or point of contact whenever a match is found. Those matches are also posted online in the customer management interface where a
Certificate of Analysis showing the results of the dog poop sample tests compared with the original dog swab can be downloaded and presented to the guilty resident.

We try to maintain a close relationship with all of our contacts at each property as these programs are implemented so everyone understands what to do, how to do it and how to get the best results, so don't worry about being notified, we will notify you and contact as frequently as necessary to get your program on the right track.

Q. No costs for kits, no start up supplies, when do we pay?
A. We have structured this program to be affordable and sensible to any property with no up front costs and no costs for resupplies. When those DNA kits are shipped back to our lab, they are entered into each account as a pending charge and on the first of each month invoices are generated for the previous month and mailed to each property. So if just one dog is registered this month, a bill for $34.95 will be mailed next month. Likewise, if no dogs are added, then there is no cost. That gives properties an opportunity to collect fees sometimes months before the bill is paid.

Q. Can you test dog urine?
A. Unfortunately, NO. There is not typically any DNA in urine in healthy dogs so it is not possible.

Q. Are the matches accurate? Do you have false positives or accuse the wrong dogs?
A. The matches are extremely accurate. We are using the same genotyping process that the FBI uses to match humans except they use 14 markers and we use 23 markers allowing us an even more accurate match.

The only problem with matching dog poop with dogs is that the DNA in the poop is degraded by the bacteria and enzymes in the poop. So we will not normally have a complete profile of all 23 genetic markers and in some cases we will not be able to positively identify a dog. But the data is always accurate, so if enough markers are available then accurate matches are made. The more markers we have the higher the probability of accuracy. If we do not have enough markers to get an absolute match then we consider that a NO MATCH rather than saying it could possibly be one of the dogs on a property.

For a more detailed explanation read: "Understanding The Accuracy of Dog Poop DNA Testing".

Q. Are you licensed and insured?
A. Yes. We are a Florida corporation licensed in the city Tampa located in Hillsborough Country. We have a $2 million general liability, $1 million excess liability, $1 million auto liability and $500,000 workers compensation. We are registered with Compliance Depot, RMIS (Registry Monitoring Insurance Service) and Notivus. We do work for most of the top management companies and meet the requirements of the most demanding compliance monitoring programs. We also provide real time access to all documents so there is never any question about the status of our insurance policies or licenses.

Q. Do you test the dog poop DNA or send the samples out to another lab?
A. We do the testing, we do the matching at our facility. We have posted some video clips
demonstrations in our DNA lab and how parts of the process work. We are not distributors or resellers, we created the process, we build our own collection kits and even wrote the software to match the DNA profiles. We are the real deal, an actual dog poop DNA testing company with our own lab techs and software development team.

Q. Why should we use you over your more experienced competitor Poo Prints?
A. We have newer technology, more to offer and we can do it for a better price. Our companies and philosophies are very different and we offer very different services. We can both provide the product, it really depends on what you need from the service and who you think can support you long term. For a more detailed comparison of our 2 companies see:
Compare Mr dog Poop with PooPrints.

Q. Your competitors say you are a new company, how do we know you will still be in business next year?
A. We are not actually a new company, in fact Mr Dog Poop was created and financed by an IT company that has been in business since 1997 and has provided website hosting and ecommerce services to small businesses for nearly 2 decades. Mr Dog Poop was created to expand the company's software development and IT resources into a Bio-Tech market. Rather than just offering services to outside customers, we decided to build our own platform which is now the core support for Mr Dog Poop's entire operation.

That means our corporate structure, service record and business experience is nearly 4 times that of our oldest competitor Pooprints.

If a company has survived 2 decades, 2 market bubble bursts and the biggest financial crisis our country has even seen, there is a pretty good chance it will still be around next year.

Q. Do you have a list of references or properties you service?
A. No. Our
terms of service agreement prohibits us from disclosing any information about our clients and for good reason. You would not want your competitors to now how you operate, how your program is being run or how you managed to implement it in your community. We work very closely with upper level management companies and respect and protect their operational procedures, customer data and are contractually obligated not to share any information about them, their program or even the fact that they use our service.

While our competitors may choose to freely share that type of information, our customers would never trust us with resident data or work with us as we provide interoperable software interfaces between management systems if we chose to disclose any information about them or their residents.

Additionally, none of our property managers really want to answer calls from other properties looking to know about our program. Posting that information is disruptive and would be disrespectful to our clients.

Besides, there have been plenty of news stories about us and the fact that we are providing services across the USA. So while we wont disclose the information, some of our customers have as PR for their own properties. There are many success stories documented online.

Q. Do we have to sign a long term contract?
A. No. But you will want a service agreement in place to protect you and guarantee long term pricing. Without some type of contract, we could change prices, refuse service or change the program terms anytime. So having detailed service contracts protects you and insures that the program will continue to provide the same level of service at the same price for many years. Service agreements do not bind anyone for any period so all customers are free to leave at any time for any reason with no penalty or fees.

Of course no sensible management company is going to start a program like CRIME LAB without some type of contract or agreement in place securing their privacy and guaranteeing service long term. In some cases these contracts can take long periods of time to negotiate mutually agreeable terms and conditions. Our attorneys are available to work with communities to provide custom contracts and service level agreements when needed.

Q. Is there a Mrs Dog Poop?
A. Mr Dog Poop is just a brand and not a real person, so unfortunately there is no Mrs Dog Poop. It might seem like a strange question in our FAQ page, but we get asked that question all the time. And while Mark, the owner, is the face of the company, his real name is not actually "Mark Dog Poop".

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