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CRIME LAB® The Database

Using DNA to catch criminals is nothing new. Still, it is very complex, with the biggest challenge being the matching of the DNA found at a crime scene with millions of DNA samples collected from potential criminals. This is done by storing data from all the potential criminals and comparing each of those data sets against the data from samples collected at a crime scene.

The FBI runs the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) database and clearly has been quite successful with it. But the FBI does not let anyone just download their software so they can match dogs with their poop.

In order for Mr Dog Poop to function, we had to create software similar to what the FBI was using and make it accessible to millions of multi-family properties. Ordinarily, this would have been almot impossible, but Mr Dog Poop was started by an Information Technology company that already had the infrastructure and expertise to to build such a database.

Our programmers worked hand in hand with bio-scientists to write the code needed to analyze genetic fingerprints and run algorithms to calculate random match probabilities to determine the probability that samples are in fact matches. Additionally, we needed to integrate the database into our web portal where our customers would be able to get access to the match results.

The hardest part was really trying to interface the scientists with the programmers. They each speak very different languages where scientists deal with probability, random actions and unknowns. Programmers are more binary and don't want to hear that 1 + 1 can equal 1, 2 or 3 depending on a random subset of variables that cannot be defined. In fact, that will make most programmer's heads explode.

So building the Crime Lab Database was a steep up hill climb, but in time, we did get it right. And now the power of DNA matching, once only available to government law enforcement is available to millions of multi-family communities across the United States.

Mr Dog Poop's Data Center

While most companies do choose to use cloud services and rent virtual space on servers managed by outside vendors, Mr Dog Poop is actually part of the cloud. Our founding company operated as an ISP for over 2 decades providing cloud services for large corporations. So we already had a huge infrastructure in place when we decided to match dog poop. We basically transitioned from an IT company and enterprise level ISP to a scaled down operation focusing solely on our own Crime Lab Database.

That means all the resources that once ran hoards of large corporations were now solely available to run our own DNA database.

Unlike other companies, we run our own data center, servers and hardware, so we are never dependent on any outside companies to run our website or database but more importantly no outside vendor has access to our database or any of the customer data or dog profiles.

It would be irresponsible for us or any company to deploy your data and your dog's DNA data on a cloud based system or in a shared data center where anyone could gain access to your personal information or your dog's data.

Our private data center has full generator backup to run even when power is out and is multi-homed though multiple internet backbones so that even if one of those internet pipes is broken, will still be online.

As a long time member of ARIN we have our own IPS so we are never dependent on any single ISP or Cloud Provider for services, IP Addresses or internet access.

Our fail over systems deploy full battery powered UPS for up to 30 minutes before our backup generator needs to take over. However, our backup generator automatically takes over after 60 seconds of the loss of grid power. That extra 30 minutes is reserved for any issues the generator may have in getting started.

All systems are redundant with fail over servers, power and network routes. We run a high availability network and database. Is More Than Just A Database is more than just a database of dogs. It provides the entire infrastructure to run our company from customer management, billing, product ordering, our own employee management, warehouse operations, inventory and shipping.

All aspects of our program can be monitored via our website. Customers can see pending charges, download PDF invoice files, order additional supplies, view tracking details, monitor swab and poop samples, download resident data and much more. is the backbone of our operation and is the key to managing tens of thousands of customers with a small lab staff. Our software really does do most of our work.

Without our extensive IT infrastructure it would be impossible for us to ship out thousands of DNA Collection Kits monthly and mange incoming lab sample. But our customers can place orders online and those orders go directly to our shipping department for immediate shipment. Tracking details and inventory levels are available in each customers account in real time.

When swabs or poop samples are received at our facility they are logged into the system and appear immediately in our customers accounts.

This is what people expect in today's technology landscape. But the cost of creating this type of system can easily cost of millions and millions of dollars so it is understandable why other smaller companies don't have such an extensive platform

However, our low pricing and efficiency would not be possible without this type of platform. So cost aside, a strong portal is necessary to be competitive in the dog poop DNA market and provide customers with the the best tools, resources and information about their samples.

We understood this from day one, which is precisely why we wanted to transition from being an ISP creating enterprise software solutions to a dog poop company, because even dog poop requires the best possible technology.

It is this obvious advantage in technology that makes Mr Dog Poop's program so much better and less expensive than anything that any other company could possibly offer.

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