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DNA Testing Prices Complete pricing details for Mr Dog Poop's DNA testing of cheek swabs and poop samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Poop DNA Testing Answers to some of the most common questions property managers are asking about dog poop DNA testing, costs and service considerations.

Crime Lab Database The Crime Lab Database provides an inexpensive solution for apartment complexes, condo associations and others to enforce their pooper scooper rules by determining which dog left the poop based on DNA matches.

Dog Poop DNA Testing Kits Shop online for dog DNA testing products. Mr Dog Poop is the largest manufacturer and distributor of dog poop DNA testing products.

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DNA Collection Training Videos Videos and resources to guide property managers and program users through all the processes from planning the program to swabbing dogs to collecting dog poop and fining guilty residents.

Dog Poop DNA Help Help pages to assist with dog poop DNA collections and more detailed written pages to help everyone understand more than what our basic training videos provide.

CRIME LAB® & Mr Dog Poop's DNA Services are Available in All of the Continental 48 States!

Covid-19 Update: Mr Dog Poop is still operating although with a skeleton staff to maintain social distancing. As long as the US Post Office is open and delivering poop to our door, we will stay open.

With most of the human testing labs working on Covid-19 testing, there is a severe lack of lab supplies across the country. We have been shipping our own lab supplies to organizations and communities in need of surgical masks, gloves, testing reagents and lab consumables. However, we still have adequate supplies to service our own customers since most communities have closed their leasing offices. There are currently no delays in testing or onboarding new customers.

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