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Gradual Integration of Dog Poop DNA Services

Every property manager across the USA struggles with dog poop on their property and DNA matching provides the perfect solution allowing strict enforcement. However, implementing these programs can be a huge hassle, expensive and a logistical nightmare.

That is until Mr Dog Poop started offering our "Gradual Integration" which was our solution to the hardships faced by communities trying to get these programs started. This simple process makes it possible for everyone to get a program started TODAY!

Traditionally, other companies have required that properties register all the dogs on the community in a mass swabbing event or over a week of exhaustive office visits. That was because dog poop companies did not have the technology to look backwards, to match previously submitted poop with newly registered dogs. That and the fact that they wanted as much money up front as possible and if they suggest that communities spread the cost and workload over the next year, they have to wait a year for their profits.

That process requires that leases be updated and often leads to battles with residents that have existing leases and wont agree to participate or sign a new lease. It is confrontational, labor intensive and expensive and almost impossible for large communities with 100 or more dogs.

With Gradual Integration you don't have to change your leases, add addendums or fight with unhappy residents that resist having their dogs tested. Best of all, there is absolutely no need to swab all the dogs on the property.

You really only need to swab the new residents dogs when they move in or as leases expire and residents renew. You can purchase a small amount of kits and supplies in advance so you can swab dogs during their move in.

Then when send the collection kits to our lab for processing, we will bill you $30.00 for processing that individual dog's DNA sample and adding them to your property's database. At that time, the newly swabbed dog wil be checked against any unmatched poop samples for a potential match.

So why does this work when you don't have all the dogs in the database?

You will be able to send in poop samples before you register any dogs. Each sample will be processed at a charge of $40.00. Once processed, the POOP DNA profile will remain active for a full year and be checked against all incoming swab samples. If any newly registered dog is matched with the poop, you will be notified and can impose fines on the dog's owner.

With all your residents knowing that once they renew their lease and must provide a DNA sample from their dog, the dog will be checked against any poop previous left on the property. So if they were leaving poop for months..... they will receive a fine for each and every poop that was found.

The fear of having a multiple fines or penalties for all the poop they have been leaving for months is more than enough to motivate anyone to clean up after their pets.

This deterrent is just as effective as swabbing all the dogs at one time, because residents know, every time they leave dog poop, they could be adding another fine to their rent even if they have not registered their dogs yet.

We have had multiple properties that had dog poop problems caused by residents that were hiding pets to avoid pet rents and DNA testing. Unfortunately for them, eventually someone noticed they had an unregistered dog and "POW!" when the DNA swab was processed a laundry list of poops came back as matches. We have commonly seen 5to 25 back matches but on the rare occasion we have seen in excess of 50. With a $200 fine per sample, that is a $10,000 problem for the dog owner.

As long as residents are aware that fines will be coming, even if they are hiding a dog to avoid pet fees, they wont leave DNA evidence for you to find.

This has been the most successful method to date for ending dog poop on multifamily residential properties.

Property managers can get started immediately with no cash layout, no commitment and just pay for each new dog as they go.

Property managers can reorder as much or as little inventory as needed at our very low prices.

Resident info, billing, invoices, dog poop matches, certificates of matches and even the DNA electropherograms are viewable from our web based management platform. Property managers can also request supplies and review all aspects of the program in detail.

We created a program that can fit into every budget, because it does not cost anything to get started and if each new resident is charged the $34.95, there is little or no financial burden on the property.

Gradual Integration is the perfect solution because it provides immediate results, the end of dog poop without any real effort and near zero cost. That is the power of DNA as a tool, because residents know from watching TV, DNA always catches up with the criminals. You just can't run from it.

SIGN UP NOW to get your community started.


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