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Mr Dog Poop's Return Lost Dog Program

With more than 10 million pets lost or stolen every year in the USA there is a real need for a system that will help solve the stolen pet trafficking rings and help return lost pets to their loving homes.

We have developed a process for managing Dog DNA profiles collected as part of standard pet registrations to solve both of these problems.

The saddest statistic we are face with is that 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year because they cannot be returned to their owners or placed in new homes. That is just not fair or acceptable.

Out of every 80 dogs, 1 will be sentenced to death this year by animal shelter death panels and mandatory legislation because they cannot be placed in homes in the required time period.

But that can all end with a simple DNA swab collected during their initial pet license registrations. Dogs can be returned when lost, criminals are caught when stealing pets and children don't have to suffer the senseless loss of a family pet that cannot be found.

How does DNA testing do all that?

First, pets are swabbed for a DNA sample during their initial registrations. The pets will never have to tested a second time, only during the initial registration at which time a small fee (determined by the municipality) is charged for the process.

The DNA is then analyzed and a digital profile or fingerprint is created in a master database.

If a pet is lost, stolen or found in a shelter, a report is filed with in DOGdex and a BOLO (Be On The Lookout) is locked within our network.

In the case of found pets, we can immediately provide the finder with the contact information of the registered owner typically within 24-48 hours of finding the lost pet. This service is provided FREE to organizations and animal shelters in cities participating in the DNA registrations.

If the pet is stolen, when the new owner registers the pet its DNA profile is compared against all of the missing profiles and if a match is found, we know the pet actually belongs to someone else. The pet is returned to the original owner and the police can handle tracking down the thieves for prosecution.

There is a serious problem in this country with stolen pets appearing for sale on Craigslist, Ebay and other Internet websites. If all pets are registered and profiled, then the problem will end because the risk of being caught is just too high. And even if the deterrent does not stop the thieves, the pets can be returned to the owners when sold and registered by the unsuspecting new owners and the criminal can be arrested.

Currently more than half of the pets found cannot be returned to their owners because no information is available. Even with RFID microchips, information is often outdated and useless. But DNA profiles are matched with current pet registrations and are always up to date and accurate.

Mr Dog Poop's Return Lost Dog Program is the most cost effective and reliable method of solving the lost pet crisis in this country. At just under $35 (one time fee) per dog for a life time of protection, no sensible dog owner will argue the point.

Not only is it a great program for dog owners it is also an additional revenue stream for cash strapped municipalities. Rather than costing money, it generates money and solves a couple of very big problems at the same time. It is a WIN WIN for everyone especially those 1.2 million dogs facing death sentences this year.

We are working hard to bring this technology and service to every city, county and state. If you would like more information about the program or to have Mr Dog Poop and Mutley speak at your city council meeting then call or email our staff directly.

The only argument we get from pet owners is that cities can use the DNA to match dogs with dog poop left in public areas and issue fines. And of course they will, it is all part of the same program.

This is no different than a registration for a motor vehicle so you know who was involved in a hit and run or who ran a red light. If you break the law you get caught, whether it be driving through a stop sign or leaving poop on the sidewalk.

The benefits of DNA registrations far outweigh the punitive ramifications and as long as people don't break the law, they really have nothing to worry about. The only people objecting to the program are the criminals themselves.

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