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CRIME LAB® & Mr Dog Poop's DNA Services are Available in All of the Continental 48 States!

Covid-19 Update: Mr Dog Poop is still operating although with a skeleton staff to maintain social distancing. As long as the US Post Office is open and delivering poop to our door, we will stay open.

With most of the human testing labs working on Covid-19 testing, there is a severe lack of lab supplies across the country. We have been shipping our own lab supplies to organizations and communities in need of surgical masks, gloves, testing reagents and lab consumables. However, we still have adequate supplies to service our own customers since most communities have closed their leasing offices. There are currently no delays in testing or onboarding new customers.


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All Kits & Supplies are provided FREE
for all commercial property managers, COAs, HOAs

Crime Lab DNA Collection Kit


Single kit includes processing of the DNA and storage of the digital profile. Collection tubes are mailed back to Mr Dog Poop for processing and storage. The cost includes the processing.

To collect the DNA samples:
  • Make sure that the dog has not had anything to eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to collecting the samples.

  • Sample one dog at a time. If samples are to be collected from several dogs in the same session, complete the process for one dog before sampling the next. Make sure you change the latex gloves provided between each dog to insure DNA integrity.

  • Use 2 swabs to collect buccal cells (rub it against their cheek) from each dog. Each swab sleeve is numbered, record each number along with the name and address of each dog. Results will be returned with the number on the sleeve so you can match samples to dogs and the DNA process remains completely anonymous on our end.

  • Open the swab sleeve and remove the swab by its handle.

  • Place cotton head between the cheek and gums, swirl vigorously 8-10 times.

  • Wave the swabs gently in the air for 20 seconds to air dry before inserting them head-first back into the labeled sleeve. Do not seal the sleeve.

  • Staple the open end of each sleeve to the associated form for that dog.

  • Place all samples and identification forms in an envelope or box.

  • Contact Mr Dog Poop Inc and we will send a Dog Poop Technician out to collect the samples.

  • We will then store the DNA data for future reference.

All Kits & Supplies are provided FREE
for all commercial property managers, COAs, HOAs

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NOTICE: Kits are provided FREE for all contract customers. Participating property managers should only order from the management section. These kits are sold for private parties and non commercial entities and private DOGdex ID customers.

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