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Why should you clean the lawn after your dog poops?

Lets face it, dog poop is pretty disgusting, smelly and unattractive. But beyond that, it is a serious health risk to you, your pet and your family. To make matters worse, it is an environmental toxin that can kill wildlife, pass parasites and even infect drinking water in wells and reservoirs.

It's pretty nasty stuff when you get right down to it.

Think about your dog running around in the yard, doing his or her business and then coming back into your house.

The dog is walking in areas where it has previously pooped and now tracking that bacteria back into your home. Bacteria that you and your children are walking in, sitting on and touching.

In fact studies show that humans will pick up hundreds of thousands of bacteria just walking down a sidewalk where neighborhood dogs have walked. The dogs feet leave bacteria on the concrete that is passed to the bottoms of peoples shoes.

Now, I am not aware of any testing that has been done on bacteria levels in households created by canine traffic but I have to assume it is going to be quite high, certainly more than a sidewalk.

To help diminish the bacteria level you should always clean up after your dog not only by picking up the pile of poop, but disinfecting the area where the dog's poop contacted the grass.

We offer different commercial disinfectant solutions for our customers but most household disinfectants will do the job. Of course something is better than nothing. Just make sure it is safe on your lawn or you might damage your grass.

That does not mean you have to go out and scrub each blade of grass or wipe them down with sanitizer. Simply spray some disinfectant on the area after the poop is cleaned up to kill the remaining bacteria.

That way, when your dog steps on that spot, they wont pick up any germs and track them back into your home.

Of course this wont protect you 100% but it will decrease your risk of health related issues caused by your pet as well as providing a healthier environment for you and your pets.

Keeping dog poop out of the eco system and sending it to the landfill will also help preserve wildlife, make the environment safer for people and cut down that awful bacteria on the public sidewalks.

Cleaning dog poop is as important to the environment as recycling, organic farming, sustainable living and general conservation.

If you don't think so, consider this:

In just a couple of days, 100 dogs can deposit enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles of it, making it to dangerous to swim or fish.

Think about that for a minute. 100 dogs can contaminate 20 miles of rivers, lakes, streams and runoff areas.

Think about the numbers of dogs in your city and what kind of damage they do every 2 days when their poop is not picked up.

80+ million dogs living in the United States create more than 10 million tons of feces annually, polluting waterways and posing a serious threat to public health.

10 million tons is a lot of dog poop!

In fact, it is enough to fill a line of fully loaded tractor trailers stretching from Seattle Washington to Boston Massachusetts according to the New York Times.

The pet population in the country is growing at an exponential rate as shown by the 2010 Census. As Americans increase their carbon footprint with more and more pets the problems caused by pet waste also grow exponentially.

If we do not address the problem of the growing pet population and the increasing amount of dog poop polluting our eco system we could end up with serious permanent environmental consequences.

If you would like to know more about the environmental impact read our page on "How Bad is Dog Poop?".

That is why you should clean up your dog's poop!

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