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DOGdex ID Program DOGdex ID couples DNA profiles with regular dog registrations to solve the problem of more than 1 millon dogs being euthanized each year because they cannot be identified and returned to their owners.

Crime Lab An inexpensive program for apartment complexes, condo associations etc to enforce their pooper scooper rules by determining who left the poop based on DNA matching.

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CRIME LAB® & Mr Dog Poop's DNA Services are Available in All of the Continental 48 States!

Mr Dog Poop's Crime Lab & DNA Processing
Complete Program Prices

Total Cost to Get Started $0.00
(for properties with 25 or more dogs)

This is a commercial program available to all HOA's COA's and Apartment Communities

services are NOT AVAILABLE for individuals resolving domestic disputes

Setup Fee
for properties with 25 dogs or more
$100 set up fee for properties with 0-24 dogs
Cost for Initial Kits & Supplies
all kits and supplies are provided at no charge
DNA Swab Processing & Dog Registration
no charge for swabbing kits
Returned Unusable - Swabbing Kits
Kits are determined to be unusable if they do not have the DNA drying packs in the tubes.
Without the aid of the silica-gel packs to dry, the DNA is too degraded to process.


Dog Poop Matched with Violator
cost of matched samples, no charge for the poop collection kits
Dog Poop NOT Matched with the Violators
(if we don't match the sample the price is discounted by $15 regardless of reason,
such as bad collection, unregistered dog or other animal's poop, raccoon etc)
Returned Unusable - Poop Kits
Poop kits returned to the lab more than 2 weeks after collection
or without enough poop or otherwise determined to be unusable
and consequently cannot be processed.

Properties with 0-24 Dogs
$100 one time set up fee


Returned Unusable Swab and Poop Kit FEES
These are reduced fees with the intention of minimizing any cost for mistakes made in the collection process by any of the community staff.

We know how difficult it is with constantly rotating staff and endless leasing obligations to keep the new staff trained, not to mention teaching them how to collect DNA from dog poop. But it is critical that everyone handling DNA is properly instructed or the program will fail. We routinely receive both swab and poop collection kits that we know will have no usable DNA. So rather than charging communities the full processing cost, we will only charge our costs for the kits and shipping so we can replace those kits in their inventory.

Minimum Annual Fee

In order to maintain active status a community will need to spend each year, a minimum of either $25 or $1 per active registered dog whichever amount is greater.

For Example: A community with 30 dogs must spend $30/year or they will be invoiced a minimum annual service fee of $30. There is no fee as long as just one swab or one poop sample was processed during that year which is more than the minimum annual speding requirement.

The minimum annual fees established a community's active participation in the program and allows Mr Dog Poop to continue to resupply active communities with DNA testing kits at no charge and maintain each community's DNA data.

If communities are invoiced and choose not to pay their minimum annual service fee, they may cancel the service and the invoice will be voided. No minimum annual fees will be charged to communities that choose to opt out of the DNA service.

All Fees Are Posted

The posted rates include the cost of the kits needed to swab the dogs and collect any dog poop, all return packaging, a dog poop shaker as well as any additional specialized requirements such as ID tags, DOGdex ID accounts, access to the online management tools and shipping of the initial kits.

"All kits and supplies are provided NO CHARGE and any fees are billed at the end of each month in which samples have been sent to the DNA Lab. If one dog is added this month, you will get a bill for $34.95 at the end of the month with payment due 30 days after invoicing"

There are NO Setup fees, kit costs or extra charges however return shipping of samples to the DNA lab is paid by the community. All return packaging is provided and can be sent standard US mail, but will require the addition of an appropriate number of postage stamps.

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